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1803 Candles Grated Cinnamon Room Diffuser

1803 Candles Grated Cinnamon Room Diffuser

1803 Candles

$ 22.00

Room Diffuser Scent Duration 
3-4 Months with Regular Flipping of the Reeds 

Room Diffuser Exclusive Features 
Simple Apothecary-Style Jar made from 40% Recycled Glass 
Available in Select 1803 Scents 
Packaged with 10 Responsibly Harvested Rattan Reeds 
Flame-Free Fragrance 
Can be Used Almost Anywhere 
Long Lasting Fragrance 
Packaged For Gift-Giving 
Made in the United States

“Nanny grates cinnamon and wraps it in brown paper tied with string. Town folks purchase it at the village mercantile.”

Finely crushed, fragrant cinnamon engages our sensations and conjures thoughts of warm, sticky cinnamon rolls drenched with creamy frosting. A classic spice, cinnamon is used for flavoring classic mouth-watering recipes. Our very own Grated Cinnamon room diffuser is a smooth and inviting fusion of the neighborhood pastry shop with cinnamon spice. Sure enough to engage your senses, Grated Cinnamon is classic scent loved by all.

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